Below you will find each course with it's description and a link to the syllabus.

Periods 2 & 5: Senior Smarts
Students will focus on critical criteria for successful and flourishing independent living. Activities and lessons will develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to live independently and successfully in this global economy. Senior SMARTS is developed to address the needs of students to ease the transition from high school and achieve post secondary success. Numerous community partners will speak linking course content to reality.
Periods 6 & 7: Foods
This course is an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, wellness, and food preparation. The focus of the course is centered on healthy food and lifestyle choices. Prior to laboratory preparation experiences students will learn essential kitchen safety and sanitation procedures, common cooking term abbreviations, proper measuring techniques, the use and care of laboratory equipment, and common food preparation terms.
Period 3: Interior Design
Interior Design examines the philosophy of personal space and its relationship to design and interiors. This course addresses the selection and planning of designed spaces to meet the needs, wants, values, and lifestyles of individuals, families, clients, and communities through the study of color theory, elements and principles of design, home furnishings, and trends. Housing decisions, resources and options will be explored including factors affecting housing choices and the types of housing available. There will be numerous hands-on projects. Projects Include designing personal living spaces, decorating using real samples, along with selection of furnishings.This class serves as a career base for interior design, graphic design, and architecture engineering, manufacturing & technology, construction, merchandising, marking research, marketing management, maintenance and operations, and many more!

Contact: e. felty