PAC Meeting Information for the 2017-2018 Season

Mankato East High School Gymnastics

Winter 2017-2018



  • Head Coach: Brianne Frawley

    • Cell Phone: 952-215-6908

    • E-mail:

  • Assistant Coach: Brittany Beelner


About your coaches:

  • Brianne:  

    • Brianne has been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old and competed all the way through her senior year of high school for Northfield High School.

    • Brianne then went to UW-River Falls and got her Bachelors degree in Communicative Disorders.  During this time, she coached for 3 years at the River Falls gymnastics club and was the assistant coach for the Hudson High School team for 2 years.

    • She then went on to get her Master’s degree in Special Education at UW-La Crosse where she took 2 years off of gymnastics.

    • After graduation in 2012, Brianne got hired at Mankato West High School as a special education teacher.  She was then hired as the assistant coach for Mankato East for one year and is now on her 4th year of being East head coach.

  • Brittany:

    • Brittany graduated from MSU Mankato with an Exercise Science and Sports Medicine degree. I have always been intrigued by gymnastics. I started when I was 2 years old at the YMCA. Later I did high school gymnastics for JJC in Jackson Minnesota. I attend college at RCTC for a few years and coached at JETS Gymnastics, this is when I realized I wanted to be a coach when I finished school. While attending at MSU I had a great opportunity to do my internship with the Mankato East Cougar’s. I really enjoyed this experience and was thrilled when Brianna hadasked me to coach along with her for the upcoming season. I can’t wait to get back in the gym!!


Registration: On-line now, credit cards only (



  • Captains will be responsible for projecting respectable, mature, sportsmanship like behavior to the team. You will be a role model.

  • Captains will be responsible for ordering clothing for the team.

  • Captains will be responsible to make sure all necessary materials are on the bus for away meets (spring board, box, etc.)

  • Captains will be responsible for deciding dress for days of meets

  • Captains will be responsible for pre-meet pep talks

  • Captains will be responsible for picking a fun warm up activity on Monday’s and a fun conditioning activity on Friday’s.

  • Captains will be responsible for starting warm-ups if coaches are running late (they will get a heads up if this ever was to happen)


What am I getting myself into?:  

  • This is high school gymnastics and it is a competitive sport.  After a couple weeks of practice, we will get into competition with surrounding high schools and expect the gymnasts to be prepared mentally and physically for this.

  • If you have a routine on an event, you will be expected to compete it.

  • Practices will start with 10-15 minutes of warm up, followed by 15 minutes of thorough stretching. After stretching, we will be doing lines/pad drill for about 15 minutes.  2-half hour rotations will then take place, followed by 20 minutes conditioning, 10 minutes “debriefing”



  • Practices will be held from 3:45pm until 6pm each day except Wednesday
    (Wednesdays 3:45-5:30pm)

    • There will a bus that leaves from East High School each day to transport the gymnasts to the gym.

    • The gymnasts will need a ride home at 6pm from K&G gymnastics

      • 19288 Minnesota 22, Mankato, MN 56001

    • If school lets out early due to weather or we have a snow day, there is no practice

    • If the weather looks like it’s getting bad but after school activities have not been cancelled, coaches may decide to end practice early

  • Meets are indicated on the calendar and can also be found online at

    • Please look to this website for make-up/rescheduled meets

    • If school lets out early due to weather or we have a snow day, meets will also be cancelled


  • Practices and home meets will be held at K&G Gymnastics

  • Away meets vary from meet to meet--refer to calendar for start times and location



  • Gymnasts are expected to come to every practice and be prepared with everything needed (leotards, shorts, hair binder, grips, etc.)

    • Please bring a small healthy snack to eat on the bus ride to K&G

  • If you are unable to come to a practice, you are responsible for contacting Brianne and letting her know prior to the start of practice, otherwise it will count as an unexcused absence.  

  • The first couple of weeks we will work on getting our basic skills back in order to make routines.

  • When it gets closer to competition season, we will be working routines and perfecting them.

  • Bring a water bottle if you don’t like the water from the fountain at the gym.  Hydration is very important!

  • If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler to each practice.  You will be given a locker, if you have an extra inhaler, keep one of them there at all times.


  • Varsity:

    • Varsity positions change and they will change often.  Before each meet, the coaches will decide who has earned a varsity position and these will be different for each event.

    • Things that could affect your ability to compete on varsity:

      • Injury

      • Poor sportsmanship

      • Skill level

      • Attitude

      • Score from previous meet

      • Attendance

    • There are 5 positions on each event for varsity competitors.

  • Junior Varsity:  

    • If you meet the minimum requirements on an event and are not on the varsity roster, you will still be able to compete for our junior varsity team

    • This team is just as important!

    • There are usually 5 positions (sometimes they allow more) on each event for junior varsity competitors.

  • Junior High:

    • Having a junior high team will be determined if we have enough competitors to fill up a varsity and junior varsity and still have gymnasts who are ready to compete.  


Expectations to Compete:

  • Vault:

    • You must be able to do a front handspring by yourself

  • Bars:

    • Pull-over

    • Back hip circle

    • Squat on

    • Long hang pull over

    • Dismount

  • Beam:

    • Mount

    • Cartwheel

    • Step full turn

    • Jump series

    • Dance tumble

    • Dismount

  • Floor:

    • Front tumbling pass

    • Back tumbling pass

    • Leap series

    • Dance tumble


  1. You must be in good standing at school.  Failing grades will result in ineligibility to compete and practice.

    1. If you are unable to compete and practice, you are still expected to come to practices and competitions, but you need to bring homework to work on to get your grades caught up.

  2. In order to compete at a meet, you must be at practice the day before.

    1. You must also be at school all day that day (unless excused--sick not included)--This goes for practices as well.

  3. You need to be on time for practice and stay until the end.  If you need to be late or leave early, you need to tell Brianne.

  4. As stated above, you are required to be at all practices and competitions.  This is a commitment you are making and your team is counting on you.

    1. 4 unexcused absences will result in termination from the team.

    2. You need to tell Brianne if you are going to be gone BEFORE you miss practice.  An excuse the next day will not be accepted.  This is your responsibility.

  5. Attitude is not going to be tolerated.  If the coaches feel that your attitude is out of line, you will be asked to sit out of practice.  If it is a big enough problem, you may not be allowed to compete in the next meet.

    1. We expect you to treat us how you treat your teachers, as well as treating your teammates with respect

  6. You are expected to stay with your team during meets.  We need to stay together as much as possible and cheer on our other team members.  When someone is competing, side conversations are not going on.


Going from Good to Great:

  • Out of season, it is your responsibility to stay in shape and keep up your endurance.  Utilizing the weight room and practices at K&G are necessary.

  • Eat healthy, think about what goes into you affects your body and your performance.

  • Sports aren’t just about going to State, we hope that you will grow as individuals and become successful, respectable contributors to the community.  Practice and meets are where we’re going to start.

  • Making goals isn’t just “busy work.”  Think about what YOU are going to do to get to those goals and ask for help along the way.


Contact: Brianne Frawley