What is Link Crew?
What is “Link Crew”?
This is the second year of the Link Crew program at Mankato East. The Link Crew program trains specially selected Juniors and Seniors to serve as mentors for incoming Freshmen. The program starts out with an Orientation Program for all incoming 9th graders, and then continues through out the year with academic and social activities.

Link Crew is a:

• Nationally recognized, successful program. To date, more than 1000 schools across the US and Canada participate in the Link Crew program. This year alone, more than 750,000 incoming students participated in the program. This program has been proven to reduce absences, disciplinary referrals, and freshman failure rates. It fosters leadership, respect, and success among students.
• A program to link 9th graders with successful upperclassmen, who can support and mentor those students.
• A year-long support system designed to help students successfully transition into high school.
• A leadership training program with opportunities for students through-out their high school experience.

Our Link Crew program is run by three faculty members who have received extensive training in the program. Approximately 60 juniors and seniors went through an application process last spring, and were selected to be this year’s leaders. These leaders received intensive training in the Link Crew process before the school year began.

Mankato East Link Crew faculty advisors:
Ms. Linda Ring (Lead advisor)
Mr. Daryl Arzdorf
Ms. Kari Welter