Link Leader News

Dec. 11

1. Important upcoming events:


   *January meeting is the first Thursday after break -

Jan. 8th


*Cocoa and Cram is the evening of January 14th - the night before finals. It is vitally important that all Link Leaders be there- not just those working on the planning.

Cocoa and Cram team - Breanna Boyce, Tristan Richards, Dorothy Schwartzkopf: we need to meet before break. Time??


//edit: this meeting will be Friday, Dec. 12th, meet in Welter’s room during SSR.

2. Thank you to everyone who signed up for committees. Please remember that all Link Leaders are expected to attend the events, even if they weren’t on the planning committee.

Cocoa and Cram (January): Breanna, Tristan, Dorothy

Open Gym (March): Joe, Cory, Joao, Kenthen, Lucas M, Tacy, Maddy, Tristan, Alex W, Dorothy, Zach H. (we need Hoka-keys)

Locker Decorations (Ongoing): Tacy, Brady, Gretchen, Katie V, Tristan, Laura S, Kelsie M, Maddy, Jetero, Zach H

//edit: meeting during SSR Monday Dec. 15th in guidance

Scavenger Hunt (February): Lucas, Zach M, Kelsie M, Laura S, Alex Q, Danni S, Craig N, Tristan R, Jetero, Alex W, Zach H

ICS Testing (April): Therese, Gretchen, Alex Q, Danni S, Laura S, Kelsie M, Craig N, Tristan, Zach H, Jenny P

Cola and Cram (June): Tristan Richards, Breanna Boyce

3. Updates:

previous committees

Attendance at meetings and events - …I forgot

Taking pictures of various activities - Tristan & Brady

Posting pictures and information by Arzy’s room - Dorothy & Katie

Liaison for school newspaper - Joe & Jetero

Update web page - Tristan & Tacy