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Geometry Enriched MAG 2001/2002 Taught by Mr. Bigham
Geometry Standard MAG 1001/1002 Taught by Mr. Bigham
Geometry Co T MAG 1001/1002 Taught by Mr. Bigham & Ms. Van Otterloo
Course: Geometry Standard (course #001303-5,7,8,18)
Text Book: Geometry, Burger, Chard, Hall, Kennedy, Leinwand, Renfro, Seymour, Waits - Authors, McGraw-Hill - Holt, Rinehart and Wiston c2007 - Publisher
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I will Tweet out daily the practice, it will also be on my voice message daily by lunch time. 
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What is Geometry (Standard, Co Taught)
 Geometry is the study of shapes and configurations. It attempts to understand and classify spaces in various mathematical contexts. For a space with lots of symmetries, the study naturally focuses on properties which are invariant (remaining the same) under the symmetries.

Geometry Enriched.
Geometry Enriched will differ from Geometry course in two ways: First, many of the ideas which will be postulated (accepted without proof) in the standard course will be proven in this course.  Second, additional topics will be presented for students to dig deeper into geometry.  A grade of "B" or better in Algebra 1 Enriched is recommended.

Course Description
Geometry: Holt Geometry is designed with 1- Built in Assessments and Interventions, 2-Comprehensive Differentiated Instruction, 3- Success on High Stakes Tests, 4- Integrated Technology that Enhances Learning.

On line book/Video Lessons/Graphing Calculator(far right click on tools)/homework help:
1. go.hrw.com
2. Select Mathematics
3. Select Holt McDougal Online
4. user name: eastt
password: u8v3p
5. Select Geometry Book

The student will learn the Foundations for Geometry (chapter 1), Geometric Reasoning (chapter 2), Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (chapter 3), Triangle Congruence (chapter 4), Properties and Attributes of Triangles (chapter 5), Polygons and Quadrilaterals (chapter 6), Similarity (chapter 7), Right Triangles and Trigonometry (chapter 8), Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area (chapter 9), Spatial Reasoning (chapter 10), Circles (chapter 11), Extending Transformational Geometry (chapter 12).

Class Work
Students will complete all Practice before they will be allowed to take the chapter test. No Practice will have points taken off for being late as long as it is complete. If the student does not take the test in class on test day they may make it up when all work for the chapter is complete after school, before school or at XYZ Club, or in my classroom during their study hall period.
I am here everyday before school and after school until 3:35 pm to help students. All students will complete and have turned in all practice, the Collins writing assignment and the chapter review before taking the chapter test. Students are allowed to use the notes I give at the start of every chapter, Collins writing and the review as notes during the test. All students must work on geometry during the daily study time in class. Most students will get all their practice done during this time if they work hard. Allowing time in class to work allows the student to ask me for help when they have a question.  Cell phones are not allowed to be used in any way in the class room.

I will be available every day before school and after school until 3:35 pm in my classroom. On Monday nights students may attend our XYZ Club where they can get help with practice and take or retake quizzes and chapter tests. XYZ CLUB is a tutor group, which I lead voluntarily; it is not associated with school. We meet Monday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm at The Fillin Station, 630 S Front St, Mankato, MN 56001. Each attending student will receive one free soda, compliments of the W.C. Bill Radichel Family. Every Monday on my voice mail, 207-3696, will have on it if we will have XYZ Club that night and time. XYZ Club starts the second week of school. If during teaching hours you call me you will get my voice mail 207-3696, you can hit 0 and office will ring me if you need to talk with me ASAP.  
XYZ will start after fo weeks of school.     Website 

A 94%, A- 90%,
B+ 87%, B 84%, B- 80%
C+ 77%, C 74%, C- 70%
D+ 67%, D 64%, D- 60%
F BELOW 60%.

Tests – 60% of grade, Homework (practice) – 40% of grade.

To calculate grade:
{[(student total practice points) ÷ (total possible practice points)] x .4} + {[(student total test points) ÷ (total possible test points)] x .6} x 100 = Grade %.

All students will receive notes for the chapter on the first day of each chapter. Students are allowed and encouraged to use those notes during practice, quizzes and tests. If you loose your notes they can be found on our web site on the left of the page just click on the link “Geometry Required Practice”. A good web site for help is www.geogebra.com.

Web Site
Our web site is updated daily by noon. On our main web page you will see what we are doing in class that day. On the left column you may click on “Geometry Required Practice” to see what we have done so far this year and what we have planned for the current week as well as chapter notes and Collins Writing Quiz for each chapter.
If you do not have access to the net you may call me at 207-3696, during teaching hours you can hit 0 and the office will ring me if you need to talk with me ASAP, to hear our daily message, which will include that day’s practice assignment. You also may follow me on twitter @bighammath. I tweet everyday the assignment for that day.

Parent Connect
Grades are always available on parent connect.
Please feel free to call me at 207-3696 or e-mail me at .  jbigha1@isd77.org ;
if you ever have any comments, questions or concerns.

Collins Writing
* Before each new chapter students will be assigned Collins Writing for the new chapter.  Collins writing is a test.

2). PREDICT – Write one sentence that PREDICTS what this section will be about.
3). CLARIFY - Write down the vocabulary words in this section that are HIGHLIGHTED.
4). SUMMARIZE - WHY learn this or WHO uses this? (Write a SENTENCE)
5). ESSENTIAL QUESTION - Write down Essential Question from Smart Board here. After practice is done write one sentence here answering Essential Question. Then hand in Practice.

Chapters to be covered
First Quarter:Chapter 1- Foundations for Geometry (11 days, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 2- Geometric Reasoning (12 days, skip sections 2-7, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 3- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (13 days, 3-5 and 3-6 each 2 days, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters) Second Quarter:Chapter 4- Triangle Congruence (14 days, 4-4 and 4-5 each 2 days with practice worksheets and some Extra Practice Problems from back of book, 1 day on CPCTC, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 5- Properties and Attributes of Triangles (8 days, skip 5-1 thru 5-4, 5-8 spend 2 days, skip page 332 and start on 333, NO INDIRECT PROOFS, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters ). Chapter 6- Polygons and Quadrilaterals (12 days, after 6-2 and 6-3 one day combined worksheet, after 6-4 and 6-5 then one day combined worksheet, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters).
*SEM ONE FINAL * Third Quarter: Chapter 7- Similarity (10 days, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 8- Right Triangles and Trigonometry (10 days, 8-1 thru 8-4 each section spend 2 days, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 9- Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area, HAVE FORMULA SHEETS FOR STUDENTS(10 days, one section per day, NO APOTHEM, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters).
Fourth Quarter:Chapter 10- Spatial Reasoning, HAVE FORMULA SHEETS FOR STUDENTS (12 days, 10-1&10-3&10-4&10-8, use practice worksheets and Isometric Paper, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 11- Circles, HAVE FORMULA SHEETS FOR STUDENTS (13 days, 11-3 extra day, 11-6 extra day, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters). Chapter 12- Extending Transformational Geometry (10 days, skip 12-4, skip drawings, 2 reviews, two tests, mid and end of chapters).
*SEM 2 FINAL- 3 days for review.*

Leaving Class Policy Policy
When leaving during the class period to use the rest room, locker or to get a drink, The student will fill out the "on line pass" on their Chrome Book and then they will bring the Chromie to me to sign and then I will hit send.  Students are allowed 10 electronic passes per quarter. The students have 5 minutes between classes to use the rest rooms and get drinks. If needed they can go during class.

Class Room Norms
• Everyone participates • All opinions are respected • Book/paper/pencil/calc - daily • Cell phones put away • Quiet during announcements • No music/ear buds until practice time • Listen during teaching time • Practice during Practice time.

Daily Practice (homework)
Practice is worth five points and makes up 40% of student grade. Tests are 60% of student grade.  I will give the students time in class to start the Practice given that day.  This is a very important time right after I teach for the student to try the material on their own which will help them grasp the material better and retain it longer. Also, I will be available to help the student with Practice during Practice time as well as before or after school.
Practice five points are earned daily as follows:

A. Be in your seat when bell rings to start our class as class will be "Bell to Bell".
B. Bring your Chrome Book CHARGED to class everyday.
C. Use pencils or erasable pens in our class.
D. No food , drink or gum in our classroom.
E. You will be required to show all steps on your practice.
F. You will be required to complete and hand in all assigned practice before you will be allowed to take the chapter test.
G. You must work on the Practice during study time in class.
H. You will be required to take all chapter tests and do all practice to qualify to pass this course.


Contact: Mr. Bigham