My name is Chelsea Silvers, and this is my first year here at Mankato East. I teach English 10 Enriched as well as 9th Grade English for Cougar Core. It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I love being part of such a great community! Thanks for visiting my page. You will find my schedule and contact information listed below. Every class I teach also has a Google Classroom site where our resources from class are listed. The directions regarding how to access these resources can be found on the link labeled "Google Classrooms". 

1st Hour: ELA Support
2nd Hour: English 9 Cougar Core
3rd Hour: English 10 Enriched
A Lunch
4th Hour: English 10 Enriched
5th Hour: English 10 Enriched
6th Hour: English 10 Enriched
7th Hour: Prep

I am in room 158, located in the English wing. I travel to Room 100 for my Cougar Core class 2nd hour.
My email is , and my extension is 3675.
Please feel free to contact me at any time!

All the best,
Chelsea Silvers

Contact: Chelsea Silvers