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Wednesday  19th
Geometry Enriched - Page 
38: 10  – 28 even,  32 – 44 even,  51, 52.  
Geometry Standard - Page 24, 7-10 all.
Geometry Co Taught - Page 17, 8-14 evens.

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Good Calc for Chromebook and geometry
Desmos graphing calculator
On Line Geometry: user name-eastmath1   password-eastmath1

$$ Every hour you are in class participating you are being PAID with Education Dollars = Real Dollars once you get out in the work world.  If you do not put in much effort during class (not learning much) your Ed Dollars per hour go down fast. But if you work hard in class (learn a lot) your Ed Dollars per hour GO WAY UP.  Everyone's Pay in class will be different depending on effort given which Reflects how it works in the work world where people make different $ per hour.  Do not let the Ed Dollars slip through your fingers, grab as much as you possibly can as the smarter you are the more Real Money you will make.$$

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Information for parents on what is covered in each geometry chapter we will cover this year.
Chap 1 ,  Chap 2,  Chap 3,  Chap 4,  Chap 5,  Chap 6,  Chap 7,  Chap 8,
Chap 9, Chap 10, Chap 11,  Chap 12.

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HOMEWORK HELPERS is a free program.  We meet Monday-Thursday 4-9pm and Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm with weekends starting in October.  Located in the lower level Educational Resource Center (ERC) in the Memorial library on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus.

FOUR BIG STEPS to solve equations.

XYZ CLUB 6-7pm Monday nights at The Fillin Station (We will start this after first two weeks).

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Watch our Sports Events at High School Cube or City Link TV-Digity Broadcasting.


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Sign up for  KHAN ACADEMY  for extra on line practice and learning!
Once you have clicked KHAN Academy above, then click on link that says "sign up with e-mail" it is below "Sign In With FACEBOOK" and "Sign IN With GOOGLE". Put in your fill in what they ask for and click "SIGN UP".  Then check you email as they will send you one and follow those directions.  Once that is done click on KHAN ACADEMY again and sign in.  Next, click on "COACH" then go to left column at bottom and click on "COACH".  on ADD A COACH type in < > and then I will be your coach and your progress will also be sent via e-mail to me. Then follow directions and get going.  You can do this on a smart phone, computer, iPad.  This is an awesome site and it is FREE!

Learning Lab Information

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Minnesota State University Homework Helpers


Run by the MNSU College of Education, they assist K–12 students, Parents and the Community with: Math, History, General Sciences, Physics/Chemistry, English/Language Arts, Reading & Writing, Advanced Placement (AP) and Social Studies/Geography

Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Memorial Library Lower Level – Educational Resource Center (ERC)

Mr. Bigham's E-mail  jbigha1@isd77.k12.mn.us ; Phone- 207-3696

Follow Mr. Bigham on Twitter for daily assignments  @bighammath

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The online Learning Guidebook.

Study guides made by students for students.

On line quadratic equation solver.

R.T. Practice Form for start of sections (Geometry & Algebra).

**Click in left column on  "Algebra notes to help with Geometry" for help with algebra while solving geometry problems.

Student / Parent Portal  (district: name - Mankato area public schools)


My voice mail (207-3696) will have the day’s assignment and on Mondays what time XYZ will be if we have it.

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Information for parents on what is covered in each algebra 1 chapter we will cover this year.
Chap 1,  Chap 2,  Chap 3,  Chap 4, Chap 5, Chap 6,  Chap 7,  Chap 8,  Chap 9,  Chap 10,  

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