Even though I have been teaching for 26 years at Mankato East, I still find the thrill and excitement everyday working among young adults who are cultured, energetic and eager to make a positive difference in society. My passion is that students will graduate successfully learning how government impacts them and more importantly, how they can positively impact the functioning of government based on their beliefs, efficacy and ideology.
I am also the senior class adviser who will measure seniors for cap and gown on Tuesday, Oct 18th during economic and government classes. Those not enrolled in either need to come to room 153 at 8am, or from 2:15-2:45pm on Oct 18th to ensure a cap and gown will be ordered for commencement which will be held June 1st. Seniors will also receive an information packet from National Recognition Products and confirm how they would like their name to appear on their diploma. Caps and gowns will be available for pick up a week before graduation for seniors to have pictures taken. The school district pays for the rental of the cap and gown which must be turned in immediately after the commencement ceremony, but seniors will be able to keep their tassels.
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Students in each of my classes will register for the class wiki. Each course wiki provides a weekly class schedule, access to handouts, reviews for assessments, presentation notes and links to information on scholarships.

The school rules as written in the student handbook will be enforced in the classroom.

Class schedule:
1) AP Government 2) AP Government   3) Study Hall 4) American Political Cinema 5) Government 6)  Government 7) Prep                   

The best way to contact me is via email at: .